Even while working from home, you can add razzle dazzle to your next video conference call with custom Zoom backgrounds designed by our Studio!

How to Download Virtual Backgrounds

1. Click an image below to expand the background.

2. Right click the background to save to your computer. 



How to Install Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

1. Log into your web portal at zoom.us.

2. Once you are logged in, click “MY ACCOUNT” in the top righthand corner and navigate to your “Settings” on the lefthand menu.

3. Click “In Meeting (Advanced)” and then select the “Virtual background” feature. Enable it by clicking the slider to the right.

4. Log in to the desktop Zoom application.

5. Once logged in, click on your “Settings” tab

6. Select “Video” from the menu. Make sure that your video is bright and evenly lit. Use a solid color backdrop (preferably green) for best results. Do not wear clothing that is the same color as your backdrop. High quality cameras yield better results. Follow Zoom’s resolution guides for images and videos for best results.

7. Within the lefthand “Settings” menu, select “Virtual Background.”

8. Click the (+) icon beneath your video, and select “Add Image.”

9. Select the virtual background that you would like to upload from your computer.

10. Check the box next to “Mirror my video” beneath the uploaded backgrounds.

11. If you are in a meeting and would like to change your background, click the arrow to the right of your “Stop Video” icon and select “Video Settings.” Click “Virtual Background” and select the background you would like to use.