November 2014 – The Measurement Movement

It is a great time to be working in advertising! Every day, we are getting closer to answering that age-old question, “did that ad actually make money?” Analysts are saying that we are in the midst of a “measurement movement,” as the growth in data collection and analysis has encouraged companies to create precise, innovative ways to measure advertising’s true effectiveness in real sales.

Some recent examples include Kool-Aid’s TV campaign that targeted select audiences based on household demographics and income, rather than around TV programs. Kool-Aid reported a 21% increase in sales from the TV campaign. CBS Outdoor is experimenting with new metrics for tracking demographics of people who see a CBS Outdoor billboard, to produce more targeted ads. Even in social media, a new study revealed that Twitter marketing drove $716 Million in auto sales in 2013. Thanks to Twitter and other social media sites, advertising is becoming more targeted and brands are becoming better at fostering customer relationships!

All in all, this better targeting is leading to better tracking and real ROI. We may someday be able to report real ROI on TV and Outdoor like we do for Digital advertising, which will help us all create more effective and more profitable media plans.