September 2014

The announcement of the Apple Watch got us thinking about wearable technology. With so many devices like smartwatches and Google Glass already in market, and so many new ones coming, it makes you wonder how many new advertising possibilities will come with this new tech. When you think about it, our personal wearable technologies are gathering an enormous amount of data about our day-to-day behavior already. Health monitors like Jawbone and Fitbit observe our daily activity, health habits and even know the specific time we need a little motivation. As advertisers we are already targeting people based on their online behavior.  In the near future, we may be able to target wearable technology consumers based on how active they are, where they travel and many more personal data attributes.  Soon this scene from Minority Report could actually be a reality!   Of course, this new innovation brings up new issues for data privacy, and the problem of how to target consumers in a personal way without going too far will need creative solutions. For now, we will keep an eye on new wearable technology and think about the endless opportunities this will bring to the marketing landscape.

Further reading at Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-07/advertisers-target-wearable-gadgets-as-next-ad-frontier.html