In honor of Broadway’s Biggest Little Hero we wanted to do a roundup on MATILDA’s sales to celebrate the show’s terrific place in Broadway history:

•MATILDA has grossed over $195M, placing it 19th among the highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time.

•MATILDA has entertained over 2M people, placing it 26th among highest-attended Broadway musicals of all time.

•MATILDA holds the house record for highest cumulative total revenue for a show at The Shubert Theatre.

•MATILDA holds 18 of the top 20 highest weekly grosses ever at The Shubert Theatre.

•MATILDA has posted an all-time average ticket price (ATP) of $94.50, while posting an all-time Revenue per Seat (RPS) of $86.44, equaling a ticket differential of $8.05. This ranks MATILDA the 12th most effectively sold Broadway musical among the top 20 highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time.

Here is the table of the top 20 highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time, ranked by most effectively sold. Note that we measure effectiveness by the marginal difference between ATP and RPS because it illustrates how closely the show was able to sell its entire inventory to the actual ticket price paid per attendee—the smaller the margin, the more effectively every seat was sold.