This NPR show is a short podcast that takes financial or economic subjects and breaks them down in a practical and entertaining way. Topics vary widely—one episode could be about the phenomena with Hermes Birkin handbags (basic supply and demand), another could be about the taxes on imports from other countries (e.g. Santa Suits rented at costume shops around the holidays), and so on.

This episode is called “A or B” and it centers on testing your messaging to yield the highest response desired.

So how can we apply this to Broadway?

“A or B” illustrates that people want to tell us their opinion. We should ask them more!

If the outcome yields more tickets sales, more consumer data or sign-ups to our website, why wouldn’t we do this all the time? Simple answer: time and money. Both are hard to come by in our fast-paced industry.

We know not all outlets are testable and not every test is successful when applied to every effort. However, we CAN apply our findings for testing email creative or subject lines to other forms of advertising such as print or outdoor.

It’s true that the answers we get from testing can be the opposite of what we’re expecting—even scary sometimes!  That said, if we knew we could sell even 2% more tickets if headline “A” was used in our next email, wouldn’t we want to know that? And wouldn’t it be worth a nominal investment?

I challenge us all to test more and listen to what the results say. Take a risk! Let’s ask the people who are buying our shows what they want.