How Star Wars Broke Records Without Breaking the Bank

There are three big news stories today – Trump being….Trump, it’s 60 Degrees in December in New York, and, of course, STAR WARS!

The marketing campaign for Stars Wars has been the most pervasive campaigns in history, despite it actually spending LESS than other previous blockbusters.

So how is Star Wars about to set a new record (breaking Jurassic World’s $209 Million mark) in gross revenue this weekend, despite spending less than other movies? One word: Disney.

The brand integration that Disney has pioneered for Star Wars has been nothing less than magical. Not only has the cross promotion been across several verticals, but it’s also throughout Disney’s subsidiaries in a big way (Monday Night Football on ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel and other ABC original shows including How to Get Away with Murder, and inclusion in Marvel comics).

Wired.com, along with Entrepreneur.com and IBTimes.com, has a great overview on the Star Wars campaign, however it does not include their stellar social media campaign. More brands can learn from this over year-long marketing strategy that Star Wars employed. Granted, not all brands are as embedded in society as Star Wars, but the philosophy can be applied on a smaller scale.