Making Ads People Want To Watch


More engaging, innovative content is being created today than ever before – largely because people are consuming more content than ever.


Ad Age recently named Droga5 the agency of the year because of their incredible campaigns for Under Armour, The Clinton Foundation, and Google – just to name a few. As content has become more and more important to advertisers and consumers alike, Google has taken the lead in innovative research around content advertising, using YouTube as their “lab” to conduct experiments. Are they unbiased? Sort of. Are their findings useful? Definitely.


Recently, Google published a terrific article on content’s effectiveness across demographics and how Millennials find different advertising more effective. They tested three sets of creative for L’Oreal and found that “how-to” style content generated more brand recall and brand affinity among Millennials than the traditional TV ad. It also generated more engagement, as consumers chose to click the “how-to” ad two times as often as the traditional ad.


What does this mean for us? We need to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” TV commercial and change our storytelling for different generations. For shows that want to run for years, speaking to multiple generations is especially crucial for long-term viability.