You Lose the Powerball too?

I know, I know – $1.5B would have been pretty sweet. But the odds were never in your favor. At a balmy 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning, it was more likely to be hit by lighting…twice, than win last night’s Powerball. Granted, it was projected that 85% of all possible combinations were covered last night, thanks to the swell of participants. However, only 3 people awoke today jackpot winners.

The LA Times demonstrates the absurdity of the Powerball in an awesome simulator. I tried betting $100,000 using the simulator and walked away with only less than $5,000 L. Give it a try and remember that while all that money would have been great, 70% of past winners have gone on to have financial difficulty within 7 years of winning.

That said, I still wouldn’t have minded winning.