A Legendary World at the New York Botanical Garden

A mobile experience evokes the life and work of Roberto Burle Marx

Roberto Burle Marx was a legendary landscape architect, but he was also an artist, botanist, conservationist, and even musician. To celebrate his remarkable career, the New York Botanical Garden has launched Brazilian Modern, a vast and varied exhibition that runs through September 29.

AKA partnered with NYBG to create an interactive mobile guide that immerses users in all aspects of Burle Marx’s world. The guide not only allows visitors to explore a map of the exhibit (complete with in-depth contextual information), but also invites them to take quizzes and play games inspired by his scientific work. His artistry is honored by a feature that lets users design and share their own gardens, while his daily life is evoked through recipes for his favorite dishes and playlists of his favorite music.

Developed with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the mobile guide enriches the experience of NYBG’s programming, and since it’s accessible anywhere, it encourages patrons to stay connected to the exhibit long after they’ve left the New York Botanical Garden itself.