Before its recent return, the BIG APPLE CIRCUS remained untouched within 52 trailers in Walden, NY earlier this year—an entire world of entertainment lying dormant.

In this latest episode of Big Top Life, created by our Content Team, the new owners of BAC share their reasons for reviving the circus—from childhood memories to personal attachments and anecdotes. It’s all juxtaposed with imagery of the dazzling potential being unpacked during rehearsals in Sussex, NJ, awaiting its big reveal.

In the first three episodes, we followed the underlining theme of the sense of community, unwavering commitment, and passion these individuals have for their craft during the rehearsal process. And now this fourth episode, which includes the “unboxing” and setup that leads to the tent going up, proudly announces to audiences that they can once again witness the wonders of the BIG APPLE CIRCUS at last.