Get to know two of the incredible artists on our team


Meet Desiree
I am continuously inspired by the performances I see on stage and screen. A few years ago, I began creating a series of art prints, or ‘character charts’ as a way of highlighting them and growing my illustration skills. My goal was to bring out the unique personalities and color palettes of each work in a minimal, graphic way. Since the start, I have created over 100 different charts and can’t wait to create more.

Check out more of my art here: @desicreative


Meet Kristen
Crafting has been a passion of mine since I was little, constantly making greeting cards and scrapbooking. What started as a hobby grew into an obsession with all things paper. I love the different textures and patterns that paper has. It can be cut, torn, layered, folded, and sculpted into whatever you want. Over the past few years, I’ve started creating and selling my own custom paper illustrations. Making paper food is my favorite, especially miniature versions. Recently, I’ve taken inspiration from my favorite movies or musicals and created illustrations of iconic costumes and props. Creating paper art can be a long process, but it’s one that is ultimately enjoyable and fulfilling.

Check out more of my art here: @heyykristen