The new musical comedy GETTIN’ THE BAND BACK TOGETHER is coming to Broadway this summer. It’s a hilarious show about a group of friends who dare to dream big again by reuniting their high school band for an epic Battle of the Bands. So, the campaign creative had to capture that energy and comedy in spades!
AKA’s Content Team assembled a full-cast photo shoot shot by celebrity photographer Robert Ascroft, and art directed by AKA Creative Director David Barrineau. Together, they brought out the big personalities from each of the cast members and their characters.
To help tell the story of these daydreamers who get a second shot at their first love, each actor was costumed in their “day job” attire (banker, doctor, cop, math teacher, student). And then we photographed them releasing their inner rock gods—suddenly, a stethoscope transformed into a microphone, and a ruler became an air guitar! We’re excited about how the photo shoot went, and can’t wait to start releasing even more images for this kick-ass campaign.