Extending the Experience

We’d all agree that people are on their phones “all the time.” These devices have become an integral part of both our work and personal lives. We rely on them for entertainment, social media, connecting with friends, news, to shop and for just about everything else. 

More crucially, this is the only device that brings the digital and physical experiences closer together. As advertisers, we have an opportunity to reach consumers in the moment and extend this experience in a way that amazes and engages them beyond the psychical.

To deliver compelling mobile moments, it is imperative that we think “mobile-first,” and place mobile apps, mobile websites and social engagement at the core of our digital strategies.

Using this technology, we can put visitors virtually into the experience, let them curate and understand their own experience, explore to their own depth and on their own terms and provide the means to connect with the experience before and after their visit. 

The visitor can leave their own mark and share their own unique experience. Ultimately, we can build a deeper emotional connection between the visitor and the place than was ever possible before. We can also learn more about our audience from physical behavior and user engagement. 

A great example of how this comes to life is the immersive mobile experiences AKA created with The New York Botanical Garden for their most recent exhibit Georgia O’Keeffe: Visions of Hawai‘i by transporting users to both the current Hawaiian landscape and back in time to the Hawai‘i that O’Keeffe visited in 1939.

The AKA digital and content teams visited Hawai’i to shoot the 360-degree videos of the various plants and locations O’Keeffe observed and depicted in her work so the users can experience firsthand the inspiration behind each piece.  Additionally, users can explore personal accounts found in O’Keeffe’s handwritten letters sent to her husband, famed photographer Alfred Stieglitz, while on her journey. All of this content can be found within the new interactive guide. Advanced location-aware technology helps users engage with content automatically and to navigate the Garden grounds. The technology also provides tools such as vintage photo frames to allow participants to create their own digital souvenirs and share on social media.

The Interactive Mobile Guide is best viewed on a mobile device. You can scan the below QR code with your mobile phone or visit nybg.org/mobile to experience this today!

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