Paying It Forward with COME FROM AWAY

Audience members at COME FROM AWAY were able to live out the spirit of the show by paying it forward thanks to a unique partnership with American Express.

In honor of COME FROM AWAY’s first anniversary, the production wanted to give back to our fans and help honor the message of the show. AKA Marketing secured sponsorship from American Express to use toward a Pay It Forward initiative. For each performance from Sunday, March 11 through Thursday, March 15, random audience members were chosen to receive $100 to go out and Pay It Forward – surprise a stranger, help a neighbor, donate to a charity, do a random good deed, large or small. Overall 36 audience members were chosen across the 5 performances and all were taken backstage to get a true COME FROM AWAY experience and kiss the fish! AKA also worked with the 9/11 Tribute Museum who chose 36 patrons to receive $100 across the same time period as well. For this brand, this was an excellent way to extend the experience – with audiences constantly leaving feedback about wanting to make a positive impact after seeing the show, this experience helped give a lucky few the chance to do so, and, in doing so, making their theatre-going experience a little more special.