Anastasia first embarked on her journey to the past on Broadway last year, and she continues to shine. AKA recognized, however, that we needed to increase overall impressions and break through a competitive landscape with a bold, new campaign.

Anastasia is everything audiences want in a Broadway show, and it was time to show them why. The new campaign, which we dubbed “Dreamer. Rebel. Princess.” was inspired by Megan Markle and how she is redefining what it means to be a princess (and WHO can be a princess) before our very eyes.  Our campaign is led by Anya and her rebellious voice, how she redefines being a princess on her terms and how other characters support her epic adventure.

We created bold art for the new campaign that can currently be seen on double-decker buses around the city and at Madison Square Garden/Penn Station in a widespread takeover.  Stay tuned for a new television commercial, which is in production.