Tom Goodwin, CEO of Tomorrow Group, recently wrote an article for Ad Age about the overall state of online advertising. Mr. Goodwin concludes that retargeting is ill-timed and repetitious. However, in the context of Broadway advertising, retargeting actually has extremely strong results. Across our numerous campaigns, online retargeting has seen anywhere from 300-3,000% returns. In his article, Mr. Goodwin writes, “retargeting will get better… We’ll be shown ads for big-ticket items at precisely the right time, after we’ve been thinking about them for a predetermined period.” What Mr. Goodwin doesn’t know is this is already happening for Broadway shows and is why Broadway retargeting is so effective. Show tickets are seen by many as a luxury “big-ticket” item. We know that it takes Broadway buyers on average 3 weeks to purchase tickets. Therefore, we have a precise window in which consumers are available to be educated and communicated to, which leads to high return. Although Mr. Goodwin makes a strong argument for why retargeting is not advantageous for material goods, it is exactly right for the Broadway industry.