Sharing Something Different

This spring, THE BAND’S VISIT celebrated music in our schools through a partnership with Education Through Music, a 501(c)3 organization that partners with inner-city schools to provide music as a core subject for all children.  The program utilizes music as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation and self-confidence.  Members of THE BAND’S VISIT cast and band traveled to 4 schools and met with over 400 students to share a connection through music and further the organization’s mission by introducing the students to new instruments (the oud and darbuka in-particular) and share stories as to how music and musicianship have influenced their lives and careers.  At the conclusion of the in-school assemblies, the student bands and choirs surprised their guests by performing a rendition of Answer Me, the final number performed in the production.  The students then took a visit to see the show and heard from Director, David Cromer and members of the cast and band following the performance.  The partnership extended the experience of the production beyond the theatre for both the onstage artists and students alike, creating a bond between artists and musicians of all ages and abilities and exemplifying once more the power that music has to transcend, inspire and spark conversation and connections that can last a lifetime.