Meet Adam Coffia
Executive Producer – Content, AKA NYC


Adam, our talented Executive Content Producer, comes from a background in costume design (including work on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular), but his newest creative endeavor is drawing and painting.  The year before last, he participated in Inktober on Instagram, drawing and coloring a subject he loves: the sensational, inspirational, celebrational Muppets.  He enjoyed drawing these fuzzy friends so much that he recently began a new round of Muppet drawings with a focus on the cuddly creatures from “Sesame Street.”  These pictures have attracted quite the fan base and AKA’s own Elizabeth Findlay commissioned Adam to create a picture for her muppet-loving daughter, Madeline—it was a big hit!


Check out all of Adam’s drawings on Instagram with the hashtags #muppetsketches and #sesamesketches