Marc Jablonksi, Insights Analyst
Here at AKA, Marc plays a vital role on our Insights Team, but in his free time, he’s a writer, composer and sound designer—and he’s even a published author! When he noticed that his hometown of Paramus, New Jersey was not included in the Images of America book series, he and his friend set out to right—and write—that wrong.

With his background in anthropology and research, and his friend’s experience in literature and writing, they got down to telling the story of Paramus. Together, they spent countless hours gathering hundreds of photographs, exploring resources from the local historic museum, researching in libraries and archive rooms, and conducting qualitative interviews. Paramus was published in February 2015, and is now on sale at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com, as well as at local farmers markets and businesses. Congrats to Marc—we’ll definitely be adding it to our reading list!