Rosana Iarusso

Junior Designer, AKA NYC


I graduated with a BFA in illustration from FIT. In spring 2014, I started at AKA as the digital intern and then worked my way over into the studio department.

Drawing has been something that I’ve done since I could hold a pencil.  Outside of work, I’m constantly doodling and trying to create new art.   A few artists whose work inspires me are: Arthur Rackham, Mary Blair,  John William Waterhouse,  James Jean, Gil Elvgren, Glen Keane, Britney Lee, Cory Godbey, Peter Emmerich.  My art/style, as of late, is starting to head towards character design. To create these illustrations, I use Photoshop, gouache or watercolor. I enjoy trying to capture a person’s style, traits and little quirks that make them unique. (Watch out, my lovely AKA co-workers, I might just draw you!)

Rosana illustrated the 2014 and 2015 AKA NYC summer party invitations, along with the cover of our 2015 AKA/SVA calendar.

To see more of Rosana’s work, check out her website and Instagram.