Staff Spotlight: Joaquin Esteva

Anyone who’s met Joaquin Esteva, our Group Account Director, knows he brings peace to the room. His calm, confident demeanor and generous way of listening have a positive effect on everyone around him. Joaquin is also deeply passionate about the arts and culture, and we recently asked him to talk about his favorite recent moments as an audience member.

AKA: Joaquin, since you joined us in 2016, you’ve established yourself as devoted patron of the arts. Did you ever do any performing yourself?

Joaquin: I wish I had the talent to perform in front of people!  But I’m happy to be on the audience side.  Besides seeing theater, I also really enjoy going to museums.

AKA: Which ones are your favorites?

Joaquin: Oh, so many. I loved the Louvre. I loved the Uffizi. I love to travel, and visiting museums is always part of that.

AKA: You and your husband Jeff really do take a lot of wonderful trips.

Joaquin: We always try to find a balance when we’re traveling. He loves beaches, and I love being in cities – especially old, European cities. They’re so much older than the cities we have here, and I love being entrenched in that historical environment. And then when I go to a museum, I can go even deeper.

AKA: And speaking of museums, you’re part of the AKA team that’s working with the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. What’s getting you excited about collaborating with them?

Joaquin: I’m really inspired by their mission. People have this preconceived notion of what Asia is, but it’s so much bigger than we tend to think. The Asian Art Museum is the custodian of this incredible collection that shows people so much of what Asia is, and we’re helping reintroduce them to the world. It’s exciting to be part of that.

 AKA: Thinking about being inspired, can you remember a time you had a meaningful experience at a live event? What happened to make it memorable?

Joaquin: Yes. The final performance of The Band’s Visit with the AKA team.  I got really choked up and welled up with tears during the standing ovation at the curtain call.  The journey we went on with the show from the very beginning at Atlantic Theater through the Tony Awards to the final performance is an experience I will fondly remember for years to come.

AKA: Well, how flattering that you’re remembering a time you were with your AKA co-workers!

Joaquin: Definitely. I love that we work together with clients who create experiences that bring joy and fulfillment to people.   Creating something that’s experiential rather than material is one of the reasons why I love working here.