As a part to this year’s Advertising Week event, AKA is mentoring a group of New York City’s brightest and most creative high school students in the Advertising Futures competition. Students from the Academy of Finance and Enterprise in Queens will work with our creative team and digital marketing experts to develop their very own advertising campaign. Their work, along with submissions from other teams, will be presented on October 1st to a jury composed of leading New York City advertising professionals.

Students will work with AKA NYC staff over the next several weeks to create advertising media that may include television commercials, posters, print advertising, websites and apps. AKA staff will provide advice on campaign concept and development, design and production and digital marketing.

The students aren’t the only ones who gain from taking part in the competition, says AKA NYC Content Director Jamaal Parham. “We are incredibly excited to be working with these kids,” Parham says. “It’s refreshing to see the unbridled enthusiasm they are bringing to this task. It reminds us of why we got into advertising ourselves. They are amazing.”