The Look of the Edge

As the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere, the experience at Edge is unlike anything else in New York. We knew it needed a website that showcases what makes it different.

AKA’s global team collaborated to show potential visitors what the experience will be like when the sky deck opens in March. The site launches with a jaw-dropping video, created by Neoscape, that captures the thrill of standing high above the city.

“We made the video the hero,” says Steve Grimes, AKA’s Chief Digital Officer. “It fills the browser in a way that has people saying, ‘Wow, I want to experience that.'”

Additionally, Grimes adds, “we wanted to leverage the iconic triangular shape of the deck throughout the site, so images are treated with angles to reinforce this unique feature.”

Throughout the website, the design language also reinforces the premium nature of the brand, while capturing the excitement of what Edge will bring to the city.