The New York Botanical Garden Gets a Video Game

A fast-paced game puts a spotlight on plant preservation

There’s no better way to appreciate something than doing it yourself. When we wanted to highlight the conservation efforts of Roberto Burle Marx, who’s being featured in a special exhibition, Brazilian Modern: The Loving Art of Roberto Burle Marx, at The New York Botanical Garden, we decided to create a video game that lets players collect plants to be saved. As a rainforest scene rolls by, players must tap (or “collect”) as many plant specimens as they can in 60 seconds, and if they don’t move quickly enough to save the plants, the rainforest shows signs of deforestation. That’s a great motivator to keep playing!

At the end of the game, players not only see how many plants they saved, but also get information about Burle Marx’s own work protecting and nurturing plant species. It’s the educational coda that puts the game’s purpose into perspective.

Play it here.