Why Should We Make “Third Places”?


This month, we’re reflecting on how many of our clients create “third places.”

And no, that doesn’t refer to their spot on the Olympic podium. “Third place” is a sociological term for an environment that makes us feel welcome, yet is neither our home nor our workplace. It’s a space where, as the characters in Cheers might have said, everybody knows your name.

The appeal of third places makes sense. We’ve likely all had a pub or a community center or a playground where we felt we belonged. In fact, the love of such spaces may have pushed us toward a career in the arts and live events. After all, what are we doing if not attempting to create environments where people feel invited?

That concept can invigorate our relationship with our patrons. When we let the public know that we want them with us — and that we welcome them unabashedly — then we emphasize how the arts and live events can be an essential part of their lives.