Broadway on the Water

Hornblower Cruises came to us with a tantalizing prospect. They wanted to create a Broadway-themed sightseeing cruise, including a full evening of entertainment. But they didn’t know where to start. Being Broadway-lovers, we put on our tap shoes and got to work.

We first conducted quantitative and qualitative research to gain insight and interest in the offering, timing, price points, and more.  Then, we crafted three different show concepts, ultimately landing on BROADWAY ON THE WATER, New York’s Premier Cabaret Cruise—a musical celebration of all the city’s wonders, a tour through song: from the neighborhoods, to the buildings, to the people itself.

We curated a song list of the best New York-themed Broadway songs, wrote an original script for four performers, and built the show from the ground up, included casting, rehearsals, choreography and direction. Additionally, the team developed the logo design, marketing copy, and brand style for the show.

The result was a New York cruise unlike any other, an evening of Broadway-caliber song and dance against the breathtaking backdrop of Manhattan at night.


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Photo credit: Box of Dreams Photography