THE BAND’S VISIT is a musical that doesn’t feel or sound like any other show on Broadway. And it needed a TV commercial that could embody the show’s unique spirit and sound—while compelling audiences to take a chance on an unfamiliar title.

AKA’s Content Team devised an evocative visual narrative paired with a voiceover that highlighted the critical acclaim. The spot then came to life using a combination of real and virtual environmental effects. The set was built in a Brooklyn warehouse using over 10,000 pounds of sand to achieve an authentic desert look—with 3D sand particle effects added during post-production (by editor Miky Wolf, Flame artist Nic Seresin and VFX supervisor Ryan Sears) to create an effect that’s based in magical realism, but still feels tangible. And David Yazbek composed brand new music for the spot based on his score from the show.

All together, the elements capture the essence of the musical, and prepare the audience for the special experience they’ll have in the theatre.

The content formed a beautifully extended opening campaign incorporating review quotes into the hypnotic VO – experience it below.