THE PROM sought to make a big splash in the groups market with their on-sale. AKA worked with the production to ignite interest in and awareness of the show among the group agents with a unique launch event, complete with a custom “Prombill” to give the partners all the key booking info they needed. and featuring AKA staff to promote key sales messages about the show. 

Over 250 guests attended the presentation hosted by director Casey Nicholaw – and hundreds of others watched from abroad! In an industry first, AKA worked with the production to secure a partnership with Broadway Inbound to live stream the launch event to sales offices all over the world. This opportunity helped THE PROM gain a competitive advantage in the international marketplace by allowing the international sales reps to feel right there in the action with their partners here in New York. The combination of the launch event and the broadcast help ensure that THE PROM will be hit with groups from all over the world as it makes its way to Broadway.