Campaign Management

360° integration—with unparalleled experience in delivering integrated campaigns that focus on value, innovation and sales.


Our media team delivers excellent value-added media campaigns and amazing short-term deals across print, outdoor, broadcast and online, stretching the advertising dollar while ensuring the best possible campaign.

Marketing & Partnerships

Working alongside the media campaign to leverage ad spend, our Marketing Department effectively extends the reach of each brand through high-level strategic partnerships, negotiating in-kind sponsorships, barter exchange and promotional opportunities.


Specializing in producing conceptual key art and innovative creative campaigns, our designers have a broad foundation of design expertise, encompassing everything from entertainment through to commercial advertising. The result is creative that is original, captivating and impactful—work that immediately engages the right potential audiences.


From TV commercials to behind-the-scenes web videos to interactive online video ads, our award-winning Content department creates it all. With a talented in-house team, we strive to be at the forefront in all of our broadcast campaigns, with new and exciting ways to capture and retain audiences.


We are agile, outcome driven professionals that deliver an unrivaled digital marketing service providing innovative and hard-hitting campaigns across the digital spectrum.

Strategic Innovations

Innovation is a philosophy that is infused throughout everything we do. Our Strategic Innovations department works to develop innovative ideas across all campaigns and departments, including creative, digital, partnerships, media, insights and social media.


We believe that data is knowledge, and the more the better—the stronger the campaign, the better the results. When it comes to reporting, less is definitely more. We won't overload you with data—we'll tell you the facts, results, trends and specific project learnings with supporting information—the information that you need to make the decisions that are right for your campaign.

Broadway Ambassador

On the street, we offer dedicated, show-specific representation, working to increase ticket sales. Through the use of branded and non-branded ambassadors, we offer a clearly visible presence as well as an unbiased, "average ticket buyer" point-of-view.

Encore Merchandising

We operate successful merchandise operations in New York, as well as across the United States, London, Toronto and Sydney. We offer high quality merchandise and promotional goods, tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of each production or event.